Sunday, July 16, 2017

Another Powell Trip!

I am going to keep this short, sweet, and to the point, which is fishing! We fished Powell again, my first time in a long number of years since we were living in Germany for a decent number of years. On to the pictures!

We stayed at a family friends, friends house boat, and it was awesome!

We started fishing as soon as we could and the lake was up a good number of feet, and is still rising!

Give it a few weeks and there will be a TON of new cover all over the lake

There were fish to be had all over the lake. No matter where we fished we were able to pick stuff up. I had never targeted, or caught a Stripper on the fly. This trip I decided to give it a go. An hour into day one I scratched that off my list.

Big fish of the trip went to me this time. Though is was a Golden Bone it still put one hell of a bend in my rod. We had an audience watching us as I tried to land this thing. I pounded the shore for bass and this guy hit like a Large Mouth and took at least 15 minutes to land.

We fished as far south as Iceberg Canyon and as far north as Good Hope Bay

We always seem to hit the time on the head when it comes to Bass fishing there

You can not beat the views at this place

Even from the lodge the views are something to behold

Even leaving, as hard as it is, the drive is awesome

Finally, the oddest catch of the trip, goes to my dad. He was ponding the bank looking for Crappie and Walleye when he thought he had a weird bump. He reeled in this prize, which he somehow still caught in the mouth

Another great trip, with great company!

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