Friday, December 7, 2012

Small creek fishing

If you look down on the right hand side of the blog here you will notice a link to another blog called "Utah water Log." That blog is ran by a feller named Justin, and he also go's by Loah. Justin fishes several small streams all year long and tends to do very well, so I decided to try a small stream just to see if I could come as close to as lucky as he always does. Granted Justin could go dig a hole in his back yard, fill it with water, and 2 hours later pull two trout out of it.

I started by fishing a small piece of water close to town. When i got to something that looked fishy i started swinging a small streamer through it. This was the small fishy piece of water i started at

I immediately started to get into small 6 to 10 inch browns. Once I let my streamer swing even deeper under the brush I was greeted with this chubby little guy

After several aerials I was able to get him in. I worked upstream some more and was greeted by this dark brown
 That was sitting under a sunken tire. He still has a small kype on him

I did happen to go duck hunting this week, but it turns out I can not hit the broad side of a barn so I guess I will have to go again next week.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Some fish and a gun

I have been spending alot of time up on the river doing as much fishing as I can. I have not caught any show stoppers yet but the fish that have come to hand have been slamming the streamers I have been throwing at them

The above fish was about the smallest, and below was the run of the mill average sized fish

And finally I needed to get the wife a new shotgun since I am going to get one, so thanks to our awesome Uncle Dan, she received this wing master 20 gauge. This will be great for birds and rabbits!

Now it's time to start doing some duck hunting, more to come!