Monday, October 2, 2017

My first elk hunt

I had the opportunity to go Elk hunt in Utah. Now I have hunted Elk before, but I was 17 and thought I knew everything that needed to be known. Well, I was wrong. My first Elk hunt I had was more like my buddy Jeff and I walking around and talking about what was happening in school at the time.

That all changed this past week. My brother in law invited us up to a piece of his family land in central Utah. The beauty around this place was breath taking. The drive up to this place was a little sureal because looking around I thought to myself that no Elk could live in this place.

Even when I got to the canyon I was supposed to be at, I thought for sure there would be very few, if any, Elk up there.

I was a little surprised my truck could pull my trailer 550 miles one way with zero issues.

Once we got to where we were supposed to be I set the trailer up as fast as I could.

The views here were out of this world. I never expected any trees what so ever here. Man alive was I wrong.

As you can tell it snowed while we were there. It turned the trails into mud soup. It was actually more miserable then duck hunting. Dad and I took it in stride and my brother in law worked his ass off to get us on some animals.

The weather did eventually clear up, if you could call it that, but the roads dried out enough for us not to shiver and for the side by sides to not throw mud everywhere.

We were able to see some Deer almost every where we went.

On our last day there James (my brother in law) once again busted his ass to find us an opportunity to shoot an Elk. He taught me so many things, I actually ask him more questions than he probably cares to hear. He was awesome, and still is for putting up with me texting him asking about things.

On the final day we were there James spotted some Elk several miles away. Once he showed me what to look for I was able to actually see a few of the things he could see, but there is no way I could even come close to the skill he possesses.  

James found what we were looking for, some Elk. He did something that amazes me. He had us stalk some Elk to around 400 or so yards. James was able to call one of the Elk over and get it close enough for me to take a shot. I propped up my rifle on his tripod and took aim. While I was looking down the scope James called this Elk to us. As it came into view in my scope he told me to dial down the zoom and use my cross hairs. I was nervous to say the least. The Elk came into view and I told James I was going to take the shot, James said to me "take it!" 

Now, because i scoped my eye when I was younger I have a terribly bad habit of closing my eye when I squeeze the trigger on my 300. This time I did not. I aimed right above the apex of this Elk's shoulder and squeezed the trigger and watched this Elk drop instantly. It was a quick, clean, ethical shot. I was so excited I wanted to sprint straight to this Elk, but James had me wait and see what the other few Elk did. I eventually went out and got to it.

I can not use words to describe the feeling I had. I was able to accomplish something I have wanted to do for a long number of years. It might not have been the biggest Elk out there, but it was my first. I could not have even come close to doing that without the help of my brother in law. 

James took time out of his week to allow me to hunt with my Dad and actually harvest an Elk, and he absolutely busted his ass the entire time doing it.

Dad was unable to bag an Elk this trip but we have a few more hunts scheduled for him to do so. The one picture I regret not taking was actually with James. He did all of the work getting us there and putting me on an Elk. I was able to snag on picture of him working hard for us.

He was able to provide me with a memory I will never forget and cherish forever!


  1. Glad you had a good time! Many thanks to James :)

  2. mad props to James. The dude is a hard charging maniac that worked from before sun up to after sundown to find some elk for dad and I. I would have never been able to do this without him.