Monday, March 3, 2014

Open Season

Our season fully opened here in Germany on the 1st, so now pretty much everything is fair game. I took a day off of work today to head down to the river and try to get some fishing in, and I was not disappointed at all. 

I had all of the gear I needed for the day

I got all geared up and went at it. The rivers here are a mix of rivers like back in the states. The Black forest has everything from free stone streams, to rough and clear chalk streams. 

I sure had some slippery hands today, I could not keep the several fish that I caught in the net. I did manage two, because the game warden was around, and hes a great guy, he showed me quiet a few places so when I caught the rainbow and brown I of course had to keep them. The rainbow and brown I kept to eat went about 16 inches each, nothing stellar but good table fare. 

Of course after such a rough day of fishing its good to have a cocktail at one of the local watering holes

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