Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fishing the Alps

This past long weekend I had the chance to head to Mittersill Austria. I am going to try to keep this short and to the point and let the pictures do the talking. We got into the valley around 0830

We were able to see a sign of the National Park Hohe Tauern

We stayed at the Hotel Braurup, the service was out of this world, the food was amazing, and the fly shop was top notch, even the views were great

The Hotel had access to something like 90 miles of various streams and rivers, and multiple lakes. It would take you months upon months to fish all of the access they have. Be sure to visit their website at the Hotel Braurup

The first place we hit was the Hintersee and every where we went there was water from every direction

The views from the lake were out of this world

We heard and saw two very large avalanches in the back of the valley

After several colorful Brookies and Grayling we called it a day. Our second day started on the Felberbach. I spent the first part of the day watching and taking in the sites.

After a short bit we decided to head up to the Leni See

We went from there to a neat little restaurant and had a killer lunch and finished the day fishing the Stausee

The last day I got to fish there we passed by the Kimmler Wasserfalle

We headed up to the Finkau See, which no one in our group had ever been to. It did not disappoint. Though the weather was not the best in the world and it snowed a little bit the fishing was lights out. I see now why certain folks love Brook trout. These were the bigger of the fish we caught this trip, and they had some eye popping color and a ton of fight in them. We also found a cool little alpen haus up in the hills. 

We are thinking of heading back down in August and hike the higher mountain lakes. Slovenia is on the radar as well, stay tuned

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