Saturday, February 8, 2014

A quick day of fishing in Germany

I finally got done with my provisional license and now have my regular German fishing license. It really was not difficult to get, but it was not easy by any stretch of it. Fishing is vastly different here in Europe, and rules and regulations can change in a matter of feet on stretches of river. There is no such thing as public water in Germany, all water and fishing right are owned by someone, you have to find the person and get permission. Also, nothing is free in Germany, everything is pay to play. Land owners can not ease rules, but they can restrict them even more. We fish the Nagold River in Baden-Wurttemberg, and the land Baron states, all legal sized fish caught shall be killed immediately. The minimum size limit for this time of year is 38 centimters or 14.9 inches. Anything smaller must be released. After the written test you have 2 hours to complete a practical test. You have to catch and kill a fish in that time frame. In about 15 minutes I did that two fold

One of the fish sure had some pretty color to it for a Rainbow

The next fish was a tank, I will let the picture do the talking, both fish passed the 60 cm mark

As you can see by the blood I had to kill both fish the second they came out of the water because of German law, that's just the way it is, but these fish will not go to waste, I have plenty of folks at work that are already asking for them to eat. More to come later.


  1. Very cool -- that one is a pig. Keep us posted here in Utah. Really enjoy hearing about differences in fishing regs. What did it cost you to fish the Nagold River?

  2. It depends on what beat you fish, but anywhere from 10 Euro up past 100 Euro. This day only cost us 45