Sunday, March 17, 2013

Open water dude!

After suffering a serious bout of cabin fever, a fishing buddy and I decided to take a long drive anywhere for some open water. We threw around a few ideas and at 245 in the morning, while loading up we settled on heading to the east instead of south like our original plan called for. I was more than a little surprised when we made it to the lake after a 3 hour drive to see open water that extended past the range of the headlights on my truck so we made the call to stay put instead of floating the river and it turned out that was the right call.

Once the sun came up and warmed the air the fishing was on fire. I have no clue how many I caught, I would guess between 45 and 55 brought to hand. A few times I would catch 8 in a row, miss one and catch 8 in a row again. No show stopping fish but my buddy got 2 of his biggest rainbows on a fly rod yet

We noticed several folks on boats and toons use zero common sense and come within feet of us, people really need to learn boating ethics and common courtesy because it was blatantly obvious some of them either did not care if they cut you off, ran threw your casting lanes, or came within feet of you which is very unsafe.

 He also managed to catch one that had a nice little gut on it

After checking out several other lakes and smaller waters in the area we made the drive home. 16 hours worth of traveling and checking up on the small waters we fish we made it home, the end to a stellar day. We already have next weekends trip in the planning stages. This was his first time on his new Scadden Out Law Renegade and I think he is hooked. Now we need to get him on moving water.

Speaking of moving water, I decided to get the second frame for my Avenger. I got this for the wife and I to float rivers here in UT, like the Green, and in CO like the Colorado, Arkansas and Gunnison.

I cant stop thinking about the fall and honkers and quakers. It will be here before you know it!

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  1. Great first pic! Man, I hate getting crowded by classless pricks, especially when there's open water as far as the eye can see. Glad you and your buddy had an awesome day.