Thursday, March 28, 2013

A nice lazy day

So, my boss was cool enough to let me take today off, so what else was there to do but fish! I hauled ass off to a lake that recently opened up enough to float and to meet my buddy Scott. Scott is a Orvis guide at Falcons Ledge and knows his stuff. When I got to the lake I was more than a little surprised to see a vast majority of it has refrozen.

 There was just enough water to float, though it was not needed. I was also a little surprised to see 2 other fellers floating the lake by the time I got there. I Had just finished getting set up when Scott pulled up, and he was ready to go. We watched multiple small cutts jump right next to the ice shelf, some never came off, obviously being chased by something that was looking for a quick bite to eat. That meant it was time to throw meat! I tied on a Sex Dungeon and on my third cast I got nailed hard! The fish went airborne a few times, and for his size and girth im surprised his fat ass could get out of the water. Here is a shot of the big guy with my streamer in his jaw bone!

Scott was able to get a few profile pics of him as well

He taped out JUST shy of 24 inches, and he was pretty broad shouldered! 

After several small cuttys we headed to a few other places and managed to get into bows that went 20 to 22 inches but fought like freight trains

we fished another small lake before we called it a day and I needed pay back at this place. I had a hooked a few on 'mids but was having some gear problems causing me to lose some fish. After some adjustments I got my pay back

We are guessing he went 22 possibly 23 inches, he put a hurting on me that's for sure, mind you I am 6'1 and 230lbs as a reference, and we were just guessing on the length

Now that ice is off most of our special lakes, alot more to come!


  1. Some great looking fish! Nice work.

  2. thanks folks. Kyle, I can't wait to see your next report. you, Justin, and Craig are the folks that motivated me to start my one crappy blog. I ALWAYS look forward to your trips