Saturday, October 27, 2018

A quick update

No fishing or hunting until at least March of 2019. I am deployed again but I am not terribly bitter about it. The average temp during the day here from December until Febuary is 84F, so not much to complain about. Once I get back I should be able to close out the conservation goose season and hit the spring spawn. 

I do get to support a really bad ass mission

I have also been fortunate enough to support some pipe hittin' warriors

I like to take things to the extreme and that tends to follow me everywhere. I had a little injury slow me down for a few weeks but since I have recovered from that I am back to normal.

I thought counting down the days would be a great idea, but it is not. I am enjoying myself and seeing a bunch of new things and doing things I have never done before. As I said before I am not bitter for missing hunting season, but this last picture sums up missing all the friends, family, holidays, and adventures 

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