Thursday, December 14, 2017

Deer and some feathery friends

We have been hunting a few times over the past few weeks. We started with the Pheasant opener but we were a little disappointed. Turns out a great deal of the corn out where we hunt had yet to be cut.  

After the slow start to the pheasant opener we went back down for the deer opener. We went to a spot we always hunt birds and see deer, and sure enough we were able to find a few white tails. We put in for doe tags simply because we want the meat for the freezer. Next year I might put in for a buck tag just to say I did it. For now a doe is perfectly fine for us. 

We managed to push a few white tail right to dad and he got one almost right off the bat.

The rest of opening day was slow to say the least. we did manage to find a few more deer but just could not get into position for them so we decided to switch to birds. I limited out in less than 45 minutes. Dad got in on the action too with a bagged bird. We actually hit several more, but not well enough to knock them down.

I had to head home the very next day for a work event. I went back down a week later to try to find my deer and some more birds. Finding the birds was super easy.

The next day we got up a little earlier and decided to take a look at a different place. As we crested a ridge, in the distance I noticed several deer in a field to our west. Of course they took off when we saw them. We decided to try to find where they went, but could not get into where they ran to due to it being private property. We decided to head back up to the winter wheat field we saw these deer. 

Pops had me do some glassing and we could see nothing. He then told me to walk up over this small rise with my rifle to take a look. I told him I would take my bino's and glass. The second I walked up this small rise 3 deer got up within 10 yards of me and took off. I was able to get my rifle and took aim. The first shot I missed as she was running away from us. Right before I took my second shot the deer did a little bound and I dropped her as she had all 4 feet off the ground. She was dead the second I hit her. We got to her and I snapped a quick picture. You can see Dad's new black lab pup deciding to get in on the photo.

Once we got her all cleaned up and packed away we went after birds again. It turned out that was easy as well. We saw what we think was close to 100 pheasants get up. I was able to get 2 of them. As I ran to pick up my first bird I kicked up, easily, another dozen or so birds. Had I taken my time I could have limited out in roughly 10 minutes.

We are more than likely heading back out after the holidays for another antelope and even more birds. I really hope the plains gets some snow or rain, they could use the moisture.

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