Saturday, May 11, 2013

Another trip that's now a tradition

I am just now getting back from another trip that has become a tradition for myself and my buddies Steve and Craig. We have been making this trip, every year, about this time, for several years in a row now. This trip proved to be a little interesting, you will see why below.

As usual, on the way up, I ran into a high desert traffic jam

That happens to me, every year. I am usually the first one up there every year as well. This year I made it on a Tuesday morning. Here is something else that happens every year. Every single trip out to this place, on my first cast, I nail a fish, and sure as hell, it happened again. A nice colored bow

The fishing was non stop the entire time we were up there. I had 20, 30, 40 and even 50 fish days. All of the fish were in great shape and were stuffed fat

Wednesday my buddy Craig made it up, and it was raining like a mad man. We probably should have paid attention to the rain and thought things through. On Thursday morning, we decided to go float a section of river. On the way down we hit a very muddy patch of road. I made it down, though sliding every where. Craig slid off of the road and almost made what would have likely been a fatal mistake. He stopped his truck with his back left tire, 3 feet off of the ground, and we attached a tow strap from his truck to mine in case his decided to move and roll.

The pictures do not do it justice, this was one close call. I think the big guy was watching out for not only Craig, but for me as well. Had his truck rolled and he had been in it, it would have likely killed him, and took my truck with it. Craig started to hike the 13 miles out to get a tow truck and by chance the DNR passed him and gave him a ride. While he was waiting for the truck to come the DNR passed on some interesting info Ill share with some folks on a certain fishing forum. Once Craig got back with the tow truck, the truck driver said this was the scariest tow job he had ever attempted

But he was able to wrangle it out of its precarious position, and saved the day, and Craig's truck

We got back to camp and decided that we would stay put and on dry roads and we started fishing right away after we both called the wives and let them know what happened, and the fishing was still on fire

 With Thursday finally over, everyone was beat to death from a long hard day of not only fishing, but dealing with that slight mishap, even my buddy Moose was tired

As Moose and I were relaxing with a cold silver bullet, I walked down to the water and saw Craig wrestling in a fish, and took a quick photo

Apparently I received some sort of reputation as "The guy on the red boat" More on that to come. 
Friday morning we fished some more while waiting for Steve to show up and still nailed a ton of nice fish

That after noon we decided to take off to some where else for a change of pace

The scenes were out of this world 

We made it all of the way down to the Green, which was a muddy mess, and I managed to pull one, 14 inch rainbow out of the Green, in the Canyon of Lodore, the lowest I have ever seen or heard of a trout coming out. Granted, it was along the stain line from the creek we were fishing, but in the Green non-the less

And here is a look at how muddy the river was looking into Colorado

And here is looking into Utah

Saturday I fished until I caught 30 and than decided to call it quits. As usual this place kicked out nice fish, with quiet a few pushing past 24 inches several times. I said before about a reputation. As Steve and Craig were fishing other parts of the lake, several folks asked them how they were doing, and they both replied they were doing well, and the other folks said "The guy in the red boat" has been killing it. They would laugh. This continued as I went into Dutch John for beer and ice, and ran into some folks that asked if I was "The guy in the red boat" which I replied yes and we chatted about fishing for a bit and showed them my rig and how I was fishing it. I just find it comical that happened is all.

Another great year, with some great fishing buddies and as usual some memories that will last a lifetime  Can not wait until next year!

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  1. First of all, I'm glad everyone's okay and Craig didn't lose his rig.

    Secondly, BRAVO! Nice catching. Looks like you visited some great country. Nice trip.