Sunday, April 14, 2013

More fishing!

So at 0143 my dog woke me up because he had to go outside. Since I was up I figured I may as well get up and do something. I forgot to check the mail yesterday and went out to get it, and while I was out there I noticed how nice and clean my truck looked, it needed to get dusty!

After about 6 minutes, mission accomplished. I have a trip coming up to some where awesome and needed to exercise my heavy artillery

I started kicking around and throwing some meaty streamers and was surprised by this guy

Not 15 seconds later I got her twin brother and was able to some how snag a face shot

The wind kicked up hard around 0900 so I decided to go check on something else and could not help but stop and admire the scenery 

I stopped at another lake that has just started to open up, and I believe I was the first one to float it. I bobbed around for maybe an hour and got one tiny little cutthroat and decided to head home for the day.

In about 9 days I have one hell of a trip coming up, lots of pictures and fish face shots to come!


  1. Awesome! Looks like big olive articulated streamers are the hot item for big tigers right now.

  2. yes sir! be sure to thank Keoni for the tip. best part of the day i had the whole place to myself